Mumblecore – as defined by the NYTimes

In this big-is-better environment, a new independent movement has emerged. It has the (unfortunate) title of “mumblecore,” a cinematic genre that focuses on characters, mostly in their mid to late 20s, who are caught somewhere between college and adulthood. Although the characters in these films don’t actually mumble, they are, mostly, in a state of in-between-ness. Emotions are keenly felt but, as in life, not always clearly enunciated. Characters are neither poor nor rich, particularly successful nor unsuccessful — they’re a little aimless, but aware of that aimlessness. It’s a limbo world: stories of ill-timed love affairs, small misunderstandings between friends, missed cues and minor victories. The intimacy of the genre is its strength; the nature of youth — and all that represents, even into middle age — is the heartbeat of these movies.

Mumblecore is, at heart, about small defining moments: the affair that didn’t quite happen, the conversation that shouldn’t have taken place, the missed opportunity and the lost chance.

~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on December 9, 2009.

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