Thought of the day

I never want to be on auto-pilot.

And already a new year’s resolution before the end of the year:  Having watched The Class last night (the first selection of my Netflix trial, and also something I couldn’t watch without thinking of a certain teacher I dated), I thought about what I was like at 13.  I tried to remember, and my thirteen year old self seems to escape me.  I was carefree, as much of my childhood, and unwittingly immersed in a bubble (I am aware I sound like a cynical product of my suburban upbringing).  But I do remember that last year of middle school as being filled with friends, and art, and essentially the last real year of childhood.  In comparison to the 13-year olds in The Class, who already had experienced life in more ways than I was exposed to, my 13-year old self was vastly different.

Anyways, to the resolution, I would like to write a self portrait every year, to catalogue who I am at the moment, and to have over time, a broader look at my life.  Photos tell one story, but to be able to look back on my own words from year to year, seems incredibly valuable.  Or amusing to my future self.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on November 11, 2009.

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