Fanfarlo came and it was magic.

Fanfarlo is a band I got behind.  I must have listened to their album constantly over the summer, every two weeks choosing a new favorite song to adore, first Pilot, then The Walls Are Coming Down, later Comets, which then dissolved into a general state of adoration over the entire album, and extended to the band itself.  I mean, how can you not love a band whose set reminds you of building forts as a child, with fabric flags strung out, garden lights dancing over a red velvet curtain?

Their sound is pure dreaminess, horns melding with violins, unusual instruments making an occasional appearance – highlights would be a small piano attached to a blow tube and a saw.

I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of indie pop bands, although I like indie pop music in general, I pooh-pooh listening to Animal Collective and Phoenix, et al.  Fanfarlo is a band I can love.  I love them for their new-ness, the fact that I purchased their cd for only $1 (what! – they sold their cd until July 4th for $1, effectively driving word of mouth in the greater Internet audience with an album download easy on the wallet in a world where the how of music consumption is constantly changing), and the fact that I can feel what their songs are about – growing up, growing old, growing wiser, growing younger, growing as people.  Heartstrings tugged.

~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on October 25, 2009.

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